When Hollywood music producer Piers, meets English author Luci for the first time in a strange twist of fate, they reel in shock. They instantly recognise one another as being the central character that they have quite literally written into being through the pages of a story each have just penned. But as their extraordinary paranormal love explodes into action and they begin to track its source to the heart of an ancient secret brotherhood within mysterious Transylvania, a sinister reality begins to unfold.


For, lying in wait is the tyranical enemy born in the story they have each written.: an age-old secret sect that has infiltrated the world over thousands of years with a terrifying agenda. In a thrilling race to save their world, as covert plans and agents spring to life from the pages of their books, can Piers and Luci prevent imminent dystopia or will they be thwarted by the genius of the enemy made real through the words of their own writing?


"Not only is Zalmoxis Pact a stunning, thrilling story like no other that had me on the edge of my seat, it is also a poignant message to ignite a powerful movement of trust in the magic of love for our times,"

~ Michelle Clarke, Founder of The Trust Awards and Trust Conference, Global Partnerships Manager Entrepreneurs institute.


"A must read masterpiece! Undoubtedly a marvelous testament to the author and her superb ability of bringing her words to life right before your eyes,"

~ Mark A Moses, USA.


"To say that this book is a work of Alchemy only begins to describe the scope and imagination of what the author has created. To read this book is to be transported to realms of both impossible beauty and danger - a new possibility for our human condition to move beyond what we have been told is true and create from a totally new context."

~ Davide de Angelis, Bestselling author, multi-award-winning Designer and Visionary Artist


"I was shocked to my core as this gripping story took me into the depths of a world I couldn't have previously imagined actually existed. Journeying through veils of illusion with the two main heroes of the story I came face to face with Hollywood horrors and spectacular Transylvanian mysteries deliberately hidden from the world by an ancient sect with a dark dystopian agenda. The twist at the end was like no other, the epic story of their love born of pure magic. Read this story and be prepared to understand when you reach the end that all you just read is not what it seemed."

~ Indianah Lou Lazuli, Goodreads

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The spectacular magikal locations at the heart of Zalmoxis Pact are real! Many of the sites are cloaked in mystery with very little ever having been revealed about their incredible origins. A wild, ancient and beautiful land, once the mighty home of the legendary Dacians and super human giants, many covert secrets have been uncovered here and deliberately kept from the world by forces external to Romania: Secrets that unveil a radically different history of humanity: that of the super human. Imagine being able to go visit these places, walk out the story of Zalmoxis Pact and uncover its many covert secrets for yourself.