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Internationally acclaimed author S L Realta writes her unique books to open people to the wonder of magik. Her profound, thought-provoking novels catapult readers into thrilling, spell-binding adventures where the paranormal becomes normal and fiction becomes fact.


Published across the globe under different pen-names, S L Realta has appeared on television, film, news and radio, addressing audiences from Australia to Antarctica. She mentors people all around the world and has established a real Academy of Magik, born within the pages of her books. 


An adventure junkie, Skarlet loves to explore the mythology and landscapes of the many remote and unusual places that become the backdrop to her stories.


She has immersed herself in the company of scientists, linguists, theosophists, archaeologists, hermetics and historians, to name but a few, decoding thousands of years of unsolved mythology as part of the epic stories she writes. Her books seamlessly weave and transcend many existing genres into an entirely new genre of its own: Magik


From the earliest age, Skarlet believed the world to be magik yet, like many of us, she shut that away when she was told that magik only existed in fairy tales. For 16 years, she threw herself into a highly successful career in International finance until, one snow-bound December day in Edinburgh Castle, that all changed. A series of extraordinary events saw her leave her old life behind as writing became her passion and she followed a new path to explore the remarkable generative magik of story.


Previously writing adult fiction, The Lost Magik of Liminalia is Realta’s new Book Series and the first time writing for young adults. The pre-published manuscript of Book One, ‘The Book of Destiny’, has received wonderful early feedback from young people and adults alike. This book series ‘came’ to Skarlet in its entirety just hours after the sudden passing of her beloved mother in 2021 and is, what she believes to be, her greatest work: her Magnum Opus.

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If you love the magik in the books you can study it for real at Skolomanche university; the school born from the pages of Skarlet's books.

Within the university, a thriving global community of professors,  students and alumni study a Living System of Magik

where the paranormal becomes normal and fantasy becomes fact in your hands.

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